NAUCC 2016
North American Unicycling Convention and Championships
Rapid City, SD
July 9 – July 15, 2016

Points Competitions

Externally scored competition results are entered, in which the points of competitors is entered, and a 'details' column, which is a description of the result (for use on the awards/results sheets). Whether (Higher or Lower) points are better can be chosen

Some competitions (e.g. Trials) are scored on paper, and the resulting point value is entered for ranking.
Note If you have a competition which has a judging system which is not supported by this online judging system, you should use a "Points" Competition in order to be able to import the results for Awards Printing and official record keeping.

Example Competitions:

  • Street Comp (when not using the Street Comp judging system)
  • Flatland (when not using the Flatland judging system)
  • X-Style
  • Slopestyle Street
  • Basketball
  • Hockey

If the results of the competition are determined through other means (e.g. Elimination Rounds, etc), you may choose to enter only the resulting rankings and an optional "Detail" description to be printed on the results/awards.

Data Entry

Manual Entry


Upload CSV of Results