NAUCC 2016
North American Unicycling Convention and Championships
Rapid City, SD
July 9 – July 15, 2016

Change Log

Current Work

These are the items which we are actively working on.

  • Prepare the Administration/Competition sections of the site for Translation
  • Improve the automated test coverage in order to improve the stability of the system.

Upcoming Work

These are the items which we plan on working on very soon.

  • Set up https encryption as the default/only
  • automatic e-mail to Robin whenever new translations are stored by translators (so that they can be reviewed and deployed)
  • Improve the "Expert Heat" competiton-choosing experience for 100m/etc
  • Improve ability to import/export results/scores
  • Improve Code Quality using rubocop

Other Changes

There are many other changes and features which we would like to make to this system, but at this time, they are not on the short-list. For a full view of them, look at the "todo.txt" in the github repo.